Meet The Team

TechNET Immersive has vast experience in the market place and coupled with a very successful senior management team and an extensive database of professionals, we are able to offer a first class service to all aspects of the Immersive industry.

Senior Management Team

Curtis Bailey (FIRP)

Business Development Director

01908 929066
[email protected]

James Gunning (FIRP)

Commercial Director

01908 929043
[email protected]

Shayne Simpson

Operations Director

01908 929060
[email protected]

Ashton Addington

Associate Director

[email protected]

Recruitment Consultants

Sian-Blue Rogers

XR & Gaming Consultant

01908 929068
[email protected]


Head of Chew Toys

01908 929999
[email protected]

Mikey Smith

Brand & Marketing Specialist

[email protected]

Keifer Clitheroe

Head Of Immersive

01908 929075
[email protected]

Billy Roberts

Design & Animation Specialist

01908 929093
[email protected]

Samantha Wolfe