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Mixed Reality

Mixed reality (MR), sometimes referred to as hybrid reality, is the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

Mixed Reality will allow you to manipulate/share data and even connect to other devices worldwide (Like FaceTime) for social reasons. – This has had a huge impact on Healthcare and Production for example allowing you to share work projects, situations, troubleshooting etc with other specialists across the globe.

Microsoft and Magic Leap have been global leaders in this space and most recognised for pushing Mixed Reality via their headset devices Hololens and Magic Leap One – Hololens being the first to the market has had a huge uptake in the B2B and Entertainment space, which is being utilised by nearly all industry sectors from Automotive, Construction, Education (E-Learning), Sports, Gaming, Film, Music etc. The content within Mixed Reality experiences are now being defined by high level volumetric capture studios, allowing the content to look as detailed as a real life Hologram.

TechNET Immersive have been fortunate to work on a number of Mixed Reality and Volumetric Capture projects of which we believe will be globally recognised in no time at all. This technology is becoming extremely popular but still

We are always looking to engage with talent from the following background:

• Engineers/Developers
• Designers; Motion, Graphic, Level, Game Designer etc
• Art
• Animation
• Audio; Design and Engineering
• Producers

• Project Managers
• Haptic Technology
• Real Time
• 360 Video
• Production/Post Production
• Artificial Intelligence

Latest MR Jobs

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Build & Configuration Engineer

Posted: 12/03/2020

Salary: Negotiable

Build & Configuration Engineer - Stockholm, Sweden... Read more

We are looking for a curious and super- talented Build & Configuration Engineer to discover new and exciting means to continue the success of our gaming partners.

The role is based in Stockholm, Sweden

Our partners provide financial support for relocation as well as VISA sponsorship

Salary to be discussed upon application

Your role

As a Build and Configuration Engineer, you will be responsible for building and maintaining the systems and tools necessary to have robust and efficient continuous builds for our teams, who build both games and systems for internal use. We are continuously improving our ways of working, and you will take part in setting standards, guide and support developers on how to use our common development infrastructure.?

The development teams each own and write their own build workflows but need your expertise and help to make sure the tools and systems are used consistently, optimally and keep up as technology evolves. As an expert in build systems, automation, source control, versioning, continuous integration and rapid deployment, you will be their partner in choosing and using the right tool for the right job, working very closely with the studios, development teams and operations, while keeping in mind the big picture of how they do things in other locations.

The overall technology stack is common across studios. The envision that all source code ever produced by any team within the company should be available to anyone with just a simple command. The teams work in an agile development methodology and they value their fast- paced environment and flexible approach. The teams are allocated to different Business Units but belong to a common functional division - Development. They build their games in different technologies depending on the target platform. For browser games, they use HTML5 and for mobile games they use C++, C# and Lua. For backend it’s all Java.

Skills to create thrills

  • Experience working closely with development teams to design and implement shared build systems - we believe in a "DevOps" approach and work in a fast- paced, agile environment using Kanban or Scrum techniques
  • Experience in scripting languages like Python and Groovy
  • Experience using build technologies such as CMake and Gradle
  • Experience building and shipping cross- platform C++ code targeted for Linux backends and Android/iOS apps
  • Setting up and running Continuous integration/Delivery systems using Jenkins
  • Running automated tests and reporting on their results
  • Branching and version control using multiple source control systems, eg. Git
  • Planning repository organization and branch scheme
  • Setting up monitoring and alerting systems to ensure that any issues in the development environments are identified and resolved as quickly as possible
  • Implementing information radiators and consistent notifications on broken builds or tests
  • Automated deployment using tools like Puppet and Ansible
  • Managing and maintaining Linux, Windows & Mac systems
  • A desire to experiment, learn and innovate to continuously improve our engineering systems
  • A team player who can coach and support teams when setting up and using CI, versioning and build systems

UI Artist

Posted: 10/03/2020

Salary: Negotiable
ID: SMS - UI Artist

UI Artist Required – 100%% remote... Read more

UI Artist Required – 100% remote

We’re looking for a solid and talented User Interface Artist to help create amazing User Experiences for our gaming partners.

The ideal candidate should have a keen eye for detail, are great problem solvers and have passion for User Interface design and experiences. The candidate will be responsible for helping create and drive the core backbone and pillars of a User Experience along with creating aesthetically pleasing User Interfaces that raise the quality bar in Design, Art and Animation for AAA Game Development. The ideal UI Artist will help lay the foundations of UI Design and implementation requirements, through to Branding documents and style guides.

Ideal candidates therefore would have an exemplary history having made aesthetically-pleasing and contemporary user interfaces on the latest console platforms (mobile experience will also be considered too).

Responsibilities -

Day-to-day tasks will be working with the UI Manager, other members of the UI team, Code and Design to establish and maintain core UI documents and concepts. You will also be responsible for creating brand guidelines and ensuring these are maintained throughout Game Development as well as implementing core features of the User Experience.

You must be a great team player and have the ability to work closely and communicate with developers.

Requirements -

  • Excellent Visual Design skills.
  • Excellent Graphic Design and Motion Graphics skills are essential.
  • Excellent presentational skills in all areas of communication.
  • A Strong understanding of branding and marketing Artwork requirements.
  • A strong experience in use of GUI tools and a strong understanding of implementation pipelines. The candidate would have implemented strong User Interface experiences from start to a shippable product.
  • Excellent communication, time-management & organisational skills.
  • Excellent understanding of UI design.
  • A proven track record of User Interface experience.
  • At least 2 shipped AAA games.
  • Ability to solve problems creatively and effectively.
  • Up to date with the latest UI design trends.
  • Proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects and any industry standard UI implementation tools. (The candidate will be be using our own in-house bespoke interface implementation tool).
  • Knowledge of console TRCs is highly preferred.

Advantageous -

  • Proficiency in Adobe PremierPro.
  • Proficiency in Adobe InDesign.

Salary dependent on experience

Senior Tools Programmer - AAA Gaming Studio

Greater London
Posted: 04/03/2020

Salary: Negotiable

Looking for an exceptionally talented senior programmer who is ready for the challenge of producing a AAA title... Read more

Senior Tools Programmer- Blockbuster Franchise AAA Gaming Studio

Our gaming partners are looking to add to their family of permanent staff. They are looking for an exceptionally talented senior programmer who is ready for the challenge of producing a AAA title. This role will involve development and maintenance for art and design workflow tools, including the World Editor, procedural LOD generation and more.

Key Responsibilities

  • Collaborate with the content authoring teams to design efficient and robust workflows.
  • Work closely with Engine Team to implement efficient and stable Back End for the tools produced.
  • Implement content and world creation tool to a high quality.

Technical Requirements

  • Good understanding in C/C++ and software architecture.
  • Good understanding of 3D maths and game technology principles.
  • An experience in developing efficient asset and world building tools in collaboration with artists and game designers.
  • A proven ability to design and implement re-usable systems inside a large code base.
  • Worked on at least 1 published title.
  • Experience in supporting AAA art & design production workflows an advantage.
  • Unreal Engine 3 or 4 experience an advantage.

Skill Requirements

  • A passion for playing and developing exceptional games.
  • Be a positive, active, and contributing team member.
  • To be proactive and helpful with ad-hoc problem solving.
  • Must be a team player and know the importance of listening to others.
  • Able to work independently, prioritize and handle pressure.
  • Must have excellent time management skills to perform in a fast paced, high volume, high-pressure environment.
  • Good verbal and written interpersonal and communications skills.

The role also comes with a huge benefits package for the lucky candidate. This is an excellent opportunity for anyone who wants to work in a state of the art studio on world renowned games.

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