Case study: Supermassive Games

First Engaged: – March 2018

Recruiting for: – Network Programmers, Software Engineers, Gameplay Programmers, UI/UX Designers, UI/UX Coders, Director/C-Level, Animation, Art (Environment, Lighting, Character, Technical etc), Design, QA, Producers, DevOps and more across both contract and permanent staff.

Locations: – London and remote workers operating globally across numerous time zones.

Number of placements: – 11 in a 1 year period – On going




TechNET Immersive first reached out on LinkedIn, normally I don’t go through a job agency, but I did this time, and it was a great experience. I previously worked in the Los Angeles area, and TechNET Immersive asked me if I was interested in looking for new opportunities in the UK, I took him up on his offer. I’ve never been to the UK, and Keifer was there from start to finish, even when I was confused, and was lost in London (strictly user error :P). I would highly recommend TechNET if you’re looking for new opportunities”

Senior Programmer @ SuperMassiveGames


“I think TechNET Immersive gave me amazing help in finding a new job. In order to solve the difficult problems of landing a new position, I searched for the way to discuss and plan the solution with TechNET Immersive being the answer to my problems. They was great when finding the role then coordinating between myself and SuperMassiveGames, fulfilling the role of a middle man perfectly. If I am ever looking for a new opportunity I will 100% contact him again”

Senior VFX Artists @ SuperMassiveGames


“TechNET Immersive was the recruiter that help me to land my current job at Supermassive. They was from the beggining to the end of the process in touch giving constants updates and making sure that I was getting what I needed. They made the process nice and easy. I’ll recommend TechNET Immersive to anyone”

Senior Environment Artist @ SuperMassiveGames




At the time of TechNET Immersive engagement to the client we were initially involved in sourcing a hybrid mix, which spanned the gap between Actuary’s and technology through the business. TechNET Immersive were extremely successful in supporting a small number of initial roles, and when a larger project was released TechNET were well placed to be able to understand the complexity involved, and more importantly to deliver resource.

TechNET Immersive was engaged as the sole supplier for all permanent and contract resource required, which was completed over a 10 month period. From the outset TechNET Immersive achieved a CV to interview ratio of over 76%, and of those interviewed over 47% went through to offer / acceptance.

TechNET Immersive achieved this success through taking the time to fully engage with the individuals driving the change program forward. A number of well-placed meetings allowed us to comprehensively understand the deliverables and key milestones that needed to be achieved, and furthermore enabled us to strategise a recruitment structure to support our client, and more importantly to hit their project deadlines in budget.




Since our initial engagement in 2017, TechNET Immersive has established itself as one of the core suppliers across all of the Immersive Technology and Gaming divisions. Coupled with a drive as a “project focused” agency, we can be relied upon to take on volume recruitment in extremely tight timeframes, and still maintain the high quality expected.

Over the last 2 years TechNET Immersive has opened an a new office in the Milton Keynes area, as part of the larger TechNET Group who have now expanded in to offices across London (2010), Milton Keynes (2005) and Cheltenham (2010) to further support our customer operations in these core areas.




  • Communication is critical to any successful relationship, and in Immersive/Gaming Recruitment it is just as important to have a relationship where the hiring managers have “buy in” and confidence in their recruitment partner. This is achieved by forming close alliances with individuals involved in the recruit process, and taking the time to truly understand their business needs.
  • We would always respond with 3-5 CV’s for each vacancy, within a 72 hour period for permanent positions and within an 8 hour window for contract positions.
  • Fast selection process due to in depth knowledge of industry and technologies utilized by the client.
  • Our willingness to work outside normal office hours in order to support the client’s needs. Drive, passion and a critical awareness that one is always judged on his last performance, we consistently achieve and often exceed expectations.

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