Gaming Recruitment - 2023 trends

Gaming Recruitment: 2023 talent trends

In 2023, will we see new gaming recruitment talent trends emerge? The evolution of the hiring landscape has definitely been supercharged this year, with gaming talent expecting new things from their careers. However, world events also come into play. With the cost of living crisis, for example, remote working might decrease.

Demand for certain skills, like VR and AR, is also likely to change. So many things to keep an eye on! We thought we would share some of our thoughts with you as we approach a new year of gaming recruitment!

Gaming talent trends in 2023

Are there any key hiring challenges in the gaming world?

With lots of recruitment growth in the VR and AR space, are there any other skills that need more attention within gaming studios? We spoke about the topic with our very own Head of Immersive, Keifer! With lots of experience recruiting in this space, he has seen which skills or positions will need more attention in the year ahead. Two roles that stood out were Senior Animation and Physics Programmers. It can be a particular challenge to recruit these roles not only because they are hard to find, but their salary expectations are also high. Companies will need to think about how to pull this talent away from their current roles, especially if they’re not actively job hunting.

Another role is that of UI Programming. It is often considered a more entry-level position in gaming, so people within it often move to other roles in the industry as their career grows. So, nurturing UI talent who are passionate about this field will be really important. If you don’t, you might find a real gap in the UI department.

Streamlined hiring processes

The term ‘rapid recruitment’ has started doing the rounds in the hiring world. Does this mean you have to rush your search for a new employee? Not quite! Simply planning ahead and getting a structure in place makes all the difference. Candidates are now expecting a seamless process. HR Drive conducted a study that showed 40% of job seekers will immediately lose interest in a role if they have not heard feedback within a week. Think about the changes to the interview process in the last two years and use this to your advantage. People are happy to conduct remote interviews and meet the team later in the process. Candidates expect this so the initial stages are wrapped up quickly.

Identifying the growth of recruitment technology

What recruitment technology does your company use? Due to recruitment being seen as a customer journey, having the right tools in place to help with this will be important in 2023. In particular, there will be a real need to engage candidates who might not be quite right for their first application. They should not be forgotten as they could be perfect further down the line. AI and automation tools are already helping recruitment teams achieve this – it’s time other companies join the revolution! As part of the Ascent Group, the TechNET Immersive team recognise the importance of this. Our own tech stack, featuring 16 technology partners, created a better quality candidate experience. This is something we will continue in 2023!

Helping your gaming recruitment strategies in 2023

In 2023, recruitment will be a race to find the very best gaming talent. We can definitely help with this! If you have some vacancies to fill before the new year or you want to get ahead of the 2023 January rush, submit your vacancies and we will be in touch!