Immersive & Gaming Recruitment - Salary Expectations

Immersive & Gaming Recruitment: Understanding employee salary expectations

For a successful immersive & gaming recruitment strategy, you must keep up with what candidates and employees expect from their salaries. Salary has become a key essential for the majority of professionals when analysing a role. This is no surprise. With the cost of living rising, people want to ensure they receive a healthy salary.

As a result, professionals are becoming more transparent about what they want to earn. Is management reciprocating this transparency? Thanks to the respondents to our 2024 immersive & gaming salary survey report, we have the latest on all things salary expectations!

Immersive Technology and Gaming – 2024 salary expectations

Understanding what employees expect and deserve in terms of compensation is crucial for attracting and retaining talent. These exclusive statistics will provide insights into the current sentiments within the industry!

What salary increase do professionals expect this year?

Amid economic uncertainty, are people optimistic about receiving a substantial pay increase this year or do they have doubts?

  • Less than 5% increase: 31%
  • 5% increase: 26%
  • 10% increase: 20%
  • 15% increase: 6%
  • More than 15% increase: 17%

Over half of our respondents do not expect a pay increase of over 5% this year. Our annual salary review showed that 53% received a pay rise in the last 12 months. However, these figures do not indicate that people are confident this year in seeing a substantial increase. Whether professionals are hesitant to discuss or feel they won’t get the salary they want, it’s a good time for management and HR to raise these conversations.

How happy are professionals with their current salary?

Salary Satisfaction in gaming

We asked respondents to rank their salary happiness out of ten. While it’s good to see the average score above the halfway point, could this be a little higher? It doesn’t necessarily guarantee full satisfaction with salaries in the industry.

This highlights the importance of management taking the lead in salary discussions. Integrating these discussions into performance reviews can motivate employees and demonstrate that advancement is attainable. Speaking of pay progression, let’s move on to our next exclusive statistic!

How do professionals rate their current salary progression plan?

Immersive pay progression

Immersive technology & gaming professionals have ranked their current company a middle-of-the-road score in regards to the salary progression opportunities. Immersive technology and capabilities are growing…so, shouldn’t salary opportunities grow with it?

There’s potential for improvement in both compensation structures and career progression strategies. Discontent can quickly escalate if employees are dissatisfied with their salary growth prospects within their current company. Moreover, these concerns can result in decreased employee retention, as professionals may seek better compensation opportunities elsewhere.

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