Immersive Tech & Gaming Salaries – examining gender parity

A prevalent topic around immersive tech & gaming salaries has always been the gender debate in regards to equal pay. In what has often been considered a male-dominated industry, does it mean women have not seen as many opportunities for salary growth? Of course, the debate extends beyond a potential gender pay gap.

The broader issue is ensuring all gaming and immersive professionals feel that they have equal opportunities. However, not everyone may feel comfortable discussing salary, especially when it’s time to request a pay rise. In our latest blog, we will delve into our exclusive data from the 2024 immersive & gaming salary survey report. It’s time to determine if professionals feel parity has been achieved or if there is still some work to be done!

Immersive tech & gaming salaries by seniority and gender

In our annual salary survey, we consistently share the industry average salary, which this year reached £75,008. This led us to delve deeper into the average salary for each seniority level and the specific earnings within each group. For example, are men earning more than women in senior positions like the C-Suite? Let’s see what we found!

Salaries by seniority and gender graphic

As we can see, a noticeable gap is evident throughout the seniority levels. This gap widens significantly in the two highest seniority levels above. It suggests that male directors and executives in gaming often command substantially higher salaries than their female counterparts, a trend consistent across various regions and company sizes. With more men in this industry historically, it also indicates that men have had more time and opportunity to climb the ladder, meaning higher salaries and more senior roles for this demographic. Addressing these gaps requires continued and focused efforts from organisations to ensure that all employees are compensated fairly for their contributions, regardless of gender.

Promotions and pay rises – is anyone feeling overlooked?

In our 2023 gaming & immersive salary survey report, 54% of respondents felt comfortable asking for a pay rise. It’s not the highest number, so we wanted to ask the question differently this year. We asked respondents if they felt overlooked for promotion or pay raise opportunities. Even if professionals are comfortable broaching the subject, it doesn’t necessarily mean they will get the response they hope for.

While only 24% of our overall respondents answered that they do feel overlooked for promotions or pay increases, it’s intriguing to see that 72% of these respondents were men. As mentioned, there were more male respondents, which may explain why they are the majority of those feeling overlooked.

Do immersive & gaming professionals feel fairly compensated in comparison to other genders?

This is a new question for our 2024 report: Do some people feel they are not fairly paid because of their gender? Here’s what our respondents told us…

Fair compensation in gaming

It is promising to see that more than half of our respondents feel they are paid fairly, regardless of who they are. However, it is surprising that a significant 36% are unsure. Does this indicate a lack of transparency and a gap in trust between employees and management?

When we asked respondents if there was gender disparity in certain areas of their business, salary was featured in the top 3 choices. It scored 21% overall, which is still a low figure despite being voted as an area with gender disparity. 64% stated there was no disparity in any areas of their organisation. Stay tuned for more insights around this particular question, which is coming very soon!

Want more insights on immersive tech & gaming salaries?

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