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Immersive Technology: Global experiences that caught our eye!

What fun experiences around the world are using immersive technology? As fans of VR, AR and Mixed Reality, we’re always intrigued by the worldwide attractions incorporating this technology.

So, we thought we’d have some fun with our latest blog and highlight global attractions that have caught our eye. This technology has transformed so many industries, which can use it to thrill customers and give them an experience like no other. From art galleries to theme parks, here are some top picks from the team!

Exciting attractions using Immersive Technology

The standout feature of this technology is that it caters to a diverse audience. It can create stunning visuals and narratives for all ages while delighting thrill seekers or relaxed tourists alike!

TV & Movies

As a child, who didn’t want to step inside their favourite TV show? Now, that can be a reality…a virtual one at least! In Chicago, Sony opened Wonderverse. This entertainment destination includes VR experiences inspired by Ghostbusters and Jumanji.

There are also short movies and animations using this technology to enhance storytelling. ‘Dear Angelica’ is a VR film created entirely in VR by Oculus Story Studio. A female-centric project, it is the first to have its scenes construct themselves around you. Fans of ‘Ghost in the Shell’ can enjoy a short film based on the franchise. It is presented in “360° 3D video” and will play through the use of the Oculus Rift.


Of course, you can enjoy VR gaming from the comfort of your home. However, there are plenty of experiences to enjoy to elevate your passion for games and immersive technology. In particular, escape rooms are leaning into this tech to deliver an even more epic escape adventure. In Wembley, Meetspace VR is a giant warehouse space where you and your friends can live out the ultimate VR experience. It includes zombie-themed stories and even an Alice in Wonderland inspired game.

Jeff Wayne’s The War of the Worlds experience is another London-based activity. Extraterrestrial beings have arrived on Earth, but can you evade them? This immersive adventure boasts live actors, virtual reality, and 5D effects. For a slightly different approach to gaming, iFLY has revolutionised indoor skydiving; it still has the same wind tunnel and anti-gravity experience, except you wear a VR headset. All the fun of skydiving without jumping out of a plane!

Theme Parks

While theme park rides have been incorporating this technology for a while, it has evolved! The first mainstream instance in the UK opened in 2002, when Alton Towers unleashed ‘Galactica’. This roller coaster provided a VR option, with a space-themed virtual reality experience.

In Abu Dhabi, Seaworld’s Hypersphere 360 has garnered much attention! Spanning 17m in diameter, and spherical in shape, the ride boasts 17 million pixels and 2x 6K LED Technology. Transporting passengers to a world underwater, it is said to be a feast for the eyes. Not only that, it does not use headsets so that people can feel immersed together.

Culture & Education

Museums and art exhibitions have embraced immersive technology to take education and culture to the next level. Using this allows them to create experiences that elevate the traditional day out in a museum. In Tokyo, Japan, teamLab Planets presents one of the globe’s most mesmerising and breathtaking immersive experiences. Art and technology come together, with digital installations that respond to the movements and presence of the viewers.

One attraction going global is the works of Gustav Klimt. The exhibition features 360-degree projections and VR capabilities. Following successful stints in London and Dublin, there is now a waitlist for cities such as New York, Chicago and Washington DC.

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