connor smith

Meet Connor: our newest recruit at TechNET Immersive

Meet Connor Smith, our newest recruit and Associate Recruitment Consultant at TechNET Immersive.

Connor joined the exciting Immersive team back in July and has been undertaking an extensive 12-week training programme ever since with Associate Director and Manager of the 360-recruitment team – Emily Riddington.

It has been a process of getting to know the impressive tech stack, building relationships with colleagues, and helping to find top talent for our incredible clients.

Connor joined us with a background in retail and sales but wanted to jump headfirst into the world of recruitment – specifically in the gaming and immersive industry.

You could say that Connor has been immersed in a lot of different areas of gaming recruitment and has worked on a number of roles already. To name just a few…

Working on a number of roles, our newest recruit Connor is on track to make his first placement very soon!

We will let Connor take over…

What has your first month at TechNET been like?

“My first month… well, where do we begin?

The time with TechNET Immersive has flown by. It was an explosive start, getting set up on the tech in the office to the Ascent Group H2 kick-off event on my second day! (Did I mention I was in the winning group?).









Everyone has been supportive, helping with the systems, questions and just generally checking up on how I’m doing. Each person holds each other accountable to be their best and strive for excellence, and this is the sort of culture I thrive in and really helps to motivate me to do my best. I’ve enjoyed communicating with many different people and absorbing all the insight and knowledge from each person.”

If you’re looking for your next role in the gaming space, check out our jobs page or connect with Connor on LinkedIn.