2023 Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey front cover

New Release: Our 2023 Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey!

Our 2023 Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey report has just launched, with some brand new topics featured for this year!

This report provides Immersive and Gaming professionals an insight into the industry, financial direction with the latest salaries across the board, and discusses important topics such as diversity and inclusion, Immersive growth predictions and so much more.

Before you eagerly begin your download, we wanted to share a sneak peak of what is to come…

Average salaries have mostly increased

We have seen an increase in Immersive and Gaming salaries this year across most age categories, but 25 year olds and under have unfortunately seen a decrease.

Could starting salaries be taking a hit in 2023?

Immersive and Gaming appears male-dominated

From the results, the majority of Immersive and Gaming professionals are male, at 64%. The remaining results show that 26% are female, 5% are gender neutral and 5% prefer not to say.

These results show a bigger split in comparison to last year’s results of 60% male, 33% female and 7% that preferred not to say, but why could this be?

Company culture is the ultimate role deciding factor for employees

Lastly, we asked our respondents, ‘When choosing between more than one role, what is the deciding factor?’ to which the majority chose company culture.

Surprised by this result? Check out which other answers were high on the list in the full Salary Survey!

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There’s no need to wait hours for a download, you can get your hands on the 2023 Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey report today for FREE in just a few simple clicks.

Be sure to also keep an eye on our blog too as we will be sharing a number of insights over the next coming weeks. Alternatively, if you’re interested in eCommerce topics, our sister brand Cranberry Panda recently launched their own 2023 eCommerce salary survey. 

We hope you find this year’s insight valuable, and we look forward to hearing your thoughts very soon!

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