Gaming Contract Recruitment - Attracting freelancers

Gaming Contract Recruitment – how to attract freelance gaming professionals

While gaming contract recruitment has been a niche area in the past, it is now on the rise. With more gaming and immersive professionals exploring the freelance path, looking for new projects to bring their skills to. As a result, attracting the very best requires a strategic approach to contract recruitment.

Attracting freelancers means being adaptable for the current market. For instance, many of these contractors will prefer remote working – this should be something to think about a s a benefit. Whatever you need, TechNET Immersive can help – we have a growing database of contract professionals who are looking for that next project.

They won’t just go for any project however…here’s how you can attract the best freelancers in the gaming industry!

The project matters – be transparent

Gaming professionals want a project that will make an impact. Not just on their CV, but on the industry as a whole. We understand the industry can be secretive about new gaming projects, however you will need to be transparent with freelancers about what the project entails and how they will contribute. Furthermore, why do you require a contractor at this specific time? Is there a particular skill you need or is it to replace a sudden departure. The more you share about this opportunity, the better matches you will find.

Contract remuneration – offering a competitive rate

Salary is more important than ever, as revealed in our 2023 ‘Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey Report’. Day rates or project rates will be extremely important to gaming contractors. The length of the project is also a factor. If they were to commit to a longer term project (6 months or more), they will expect the day rate to be higher – they won’t be able to participate in other contracts after all. Remember, these professionals have collected so many skills in their career – the remuneration will yield great results. Also, offering a weekly or bi-monthly payment can make all the difference when you want to attract contractors. TechNET Immersive can provide the most up to date contract rates to help you position yourself as a company that contractors will want to be a part of.

Appreciate their ideas

A longstanding theme within contract recruitment for any industry is whether these people truly feel part of the team. Of course, many of them like the fast pace and moving between working environments. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be open to an outside opinion – in fact, their opinion will be completely impartial. Ask them what they think is missing in a project and what areas can be improved. Having these open discussions will encourage the existing team to open up more about the pitfalls they are experiencing, but might be too hesitant to discuss.

Embrace global remote workers

Enhancing their work-life balance and productivity is important to freelancers. So, we encourage companies to look beyond their HQ and expand the hiring scope. By doing this, you are showing that you respect flexibility and show trust in your employees. Having remote gaming freelancers on board widens the knowledge of the team, with insights and skills from across the globe.

Helping your Gaming Contract Recruitment Strategy

For gaming contract recruitment needs, we are here to help. If you have upcoming projects that require extra support, we have fantastic candidates who can make a difference. Submit an enquiry today and we will be in touch!