Gaming & Immersive Jobs - Returning to the office

Gaming & Immersive Jobs: Is a full-time return to the office on the horizon?

Is hybrid and remote working coming to an end for gaming & immersive jobs? We can all agree it is a collaborative industry, so perhaps a return to the office will become a full-time thing.

It is no secret that business leaders are trying to encourage more people to consider working from the company HQ. Does this mean their employees will comply? The subject of remote working has welcomed great discussions about productivity and work-life balance. Many people believe this has improved for them…so is this something we now want to take away from them?

Even tech giants like Apple and Amazon are pushing for more time in the office, which has sparked much debate. Using our 2023 Immersive & Gaming salary survey, we look at both sides of the argument to determine if a compromise can ever be reached.

Reasons employees might return to the office

While many people see more pros than cons when working at home, there are a few additional benefits that would potentially make them consider returning to the office.

  • Extra holiday allowance: 47% of respondents shared that having extra holidays would help them retain some of the work-life balance they have found while working remotely.
  • Nothing would convince them: 40% of respondents simply shared that nothing would tempt them back to working in the office.
  • Socialising: 33% admitted that they do miss the social aspect of the office.
  • Travel subsidies: The commute is not cheap – as a result, 20% would want more support for commuting costs should they be asked to return to the company HQ.

For employers, these insights are important to note. With 40% currently saying there is nothing that can sway them, managers must communicate with their teams. Furthermore, offering their teams what they really need will be a great first step.

What would employees be giving up if they return to the office?

We have already shared that 40% of respondents have no desire to return to an office environment. So, it’s clear that many believe that they would be giving things up to do this. Here’s what our respondents shared…

  • Flexibility: To be given more flexibility with your day, only for that to be reduced, would take a lot of adjustment. Perhaps too much adjustment would throw employees off. This would not only impact their happiness, but also their productivity. Speaking of…
  • Improved productivity: Our salary survey respondents were in agreement that their productivity is higher at home. It is a chance to work on the most important tasks free of distractions. If they have grown used to this, a full-time return to the office will simply be like taking three steps back.
  • Savings: Not only on time, but on commuting costs too. Furthermore, the rush of the morning routine when working at the office means many people will spend more on quick breakfasts and a coffee to go to ensure they make it to the office on time.

As it stands, 71% of our respondents are working in a hybrid capacity while 23% are fully remote. Leaving only a small number of respondents working in the office full time, that is quite a large number of people to convince!

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