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Gaming Jobs: 5 questions to ask yourself before a job search

When it comes to gaming jobs, how do you know it’s time to start a new job search? Perhaps you are happy enough in your role, but certain job adverts are beginning to catch your eye. There could be an exciting immersive project that you could be great for.

Does this mean it’s time to start applying and searching? There is so much to consider, but the first questions about a job search should be aimed at one person only….yourself! You can ask potential companies about salary and progression down the line. The first thing to do is ensure a move is right for you at this time.

Starting the search for new gaming jobs

Here are five questions to ask yourself before starting the search for a new role. Remember to really think about your answers, as it will help you determine the right kind of roles to approach.

Am I progressing in my role?

Progression is something that should be embraced. In our annual Immersive and gaming salary survey, our respondents ranked opportunities to progress, with an overall average score of 8.4/10! Now look at the approach to employee growth in your current company. Has the subject been raised? Have they asked you about your progression goals. If you don’t feel it is somewhere you can grow, it is definitely one sign to begin a job search.

How much am I enjoying this role on a scale of 1 to 10?

Career enjoyment comes from many things. However, all aspects of your day to day role should determine an overall ranking. This is a good question to ask yourself every so often to track your sentiments towards the role. If the score is not as high as it should be, is there a chance it can grow? If you think your enjoyment has plateaued, it’s another thumbs up for a new job search.

Does the current role align with my overall career plan?

Are you where you wanted to be right now? Perhaps you’re behind or even ahead of your career timeline. If you haven’t mapped out your career goals, do so immediately. You can then determine if you are in the right place at the right time. Ask yourself the question above…if the answer is no, then you owe yourself a change.

Do I enjoy a good work-life balance?

The power of a good work-life balance is second to none. Some people might think being super busy works for them…but when you realise how healthy it is to switch off, all will become clear. Do you find yourself swept away by constant to-do lists? Even if you think your work-life balance is great as it is, make sure you constantly check in with your own well-being.

What is absolutely essential to me in a role?

If for any reason you had to start searching for a new job today, what would your list of absolute ‘must-haves’ include? Using this mindset will help you think about things you haven’t considered as you get on with your day to day role. After all, why to these ‘must-haves’ have to be exclusive to a new job? Can you not get these in your current company? You can determine what is missing in your role, helping you map out a more targeted job search.

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