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Gaming salaries in the north of England 2022

Have gaming salaries in the north of England risen or reduced in the past year? We have recently released our 2022 Immersive Salary Survey report with insights from the gaming industry, and the all-important salary benchmarking for this year.

If you want to know where your salary stands in the gaming and immersive industry, then you have come to the right place. The salary survey is a great tool for gaming professionals and gaming companies alike as it discloses the latest salary benchmarks that, for employers, need to be kept track of in order to stay competitive, and for employees, can be used an ammunition for negotiating your salary or used to help you find your next role.

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Let’s take a closer look at this years’ salaries in the north of England…

  • Junior Programmer – £22K – £28K
  • Programmer – £28K – £40K
  • Senior Programmer – £40K – £60K
  • Principal Programmer – £55K – £65K
  • Leader Programmer – £60K – £75K
  • Development Director (and beyond) – £75K +
  • Junior Designer – £18K – £25K
  • Designer – £25K – £35K
  • Senior Designer – £35K – £50K
  • Lead Designer – £50K – £60K
  • Design Director (and beyond) – £60K +
  • VFX Artist – £20K – £35K
  • Senior VFX Artist – £35K – £50K
  • Principal VFX Artist – £50K – £65K
  • Lead VFX Artist – £55K – £70K
  • Art Director (and beyond) – £65K +
  • Junior Animator – £18K – £22K
  • Animator – £22K – £35K
  • Senior Animator – £35K – £50K
  • Principal Animator – £50K – £65K
  • Animation Director – £65K +
  • Associate Producer – £20K – £30K
  • Producer – £30K – £45K
  • Senior Producer – £40K – £55K
  • Lead / Executive Producer – £55K – £65K
  • Studio Director / Head of Studio (and beyond) – £65K +
How does your job title compare?

There you have it! Those are the latest gaming salaries for those working in the north of England. Do the categories above reflect your current career situation, or does it reveal that higher remuneration is needed in your sector, and at your level?

If this is the case, don’t panic. We release these insights annually because knowing your worth in the gaming industry is extremely important. If you feel that it’s time to take on a new immersive challenge, please feel free to get in touch with one of our recruitment specialists today, or for more insights into the gaming industry, you can download your own copy of the 2022 Immersive Salary Survey instead.