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Is there an even spread of men and women in Immersive & Gaming jobs? Luckily, we have all of the information and answers to your questions thanks to our 2023 Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey.

We asked our questionnaire respondents a series of questions that have allowed us to collect information on gender equality, the distribution of different age groups and seniority in the Immersive & Gaming industry.

This is what we found…

The Immersive & Gaming industry is heavily male dominated

Although 50% of people who play games are women, the Immersive & Gaming industry is still heavily male dominated, and so are Immersive & Gaming jobs. We found that 64% are men, and 26% are women. We also found that 5% are gender neutral, and 5% did not wish to say.

Immersive & Gaming gender demographicsIt is good to see more diversity in the industry compared to previous years, however these results are less equally split than last year.

In 2022, women made up 33% of the Immersive and Gaming population, so it is a shame to see a dip this year.

The gender imbalance stands, with men holding the majority of leadership positions and decision-making roles. This has created a culture that can be unwelcoming to women and can make it difficult for them to advance in their careers.

Immersive and Gaming companies must prioritise their diversity and inclusion efforts in their hiring process and consider improving their internal development to diversify leadership teams.

The majority of Immersive & Gaming professionals are aged 25-34

Our results show that a range of ages occupy Immersive & Gaming jobs – particularly ages 25 – 34.

Age brackets graph on Immersive Salary Survey

As you can see from the graphic, there are lower amounts of working professionals in 18-24 and 55+ age groups.

We assume that this is because those aged 18-20 will likely be in education at university in order to gain the right skills and qualifications needed for Immersive & Gaming jobs.

Since the Immersive and Gaming industry is relatively new, those aged 55+ may not have had the same exposure, or had chance to develop the same interest in the industry in comparison to younger generations – we are hoping this is the case.

However, the Immersive and Gaming industry may also unfortunately be suffering from ageism and bias, which can make it difficult for older individuals to break into the industry or start their careers over.

The younger demographic tend to dominate Immersive & Gaming jobs due to the demands and culture.

There are more men in Director/C-Suite positions

When we asked our respondents to share their Immersive & Gaming job titles with us, we were able to establish that there are mostly women in mid-level Immersive and Gaming jobs, whilst men occupy mostly Junior, Senior, and especially Director/C-Suite positions.

We can also see that gender neutral individuals and those who prefer not to say also work at mid-level.

Seniority by gender graph

Is this a sign that women and gender neutral individuals are struggling to break into senior leadership roles, or perhaps they do not have the same opportunities as their male colleagues?

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