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Representation of diverse groups in Immersive jobs: part 1

In today’s rapidly changing Immersive era, the importance of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and Immersive jobs cannot be overstated. As technology continues to shape industries and redefine business practices, organisations are quickly recognising the value of fostering a diverse and inclusive hiring process, and as a result, a diverse and inclusive team.

In our 2023 Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey, we have uncovered what Immersive companies are doing well when it comes to diversity and inclusion efforts, and where improvements should be made.

Let’s take a look at our findings…

Which groups are represented well in Immersive jobs?

In our survey, we inquired about the groups that Immersive employees and employers believed were well represented in their respective companies. The results revealed that 71% of employees selected Race Diversity, while all employers (100%) also chose Race Diversity. This consensus indicates that both employees and employers recognise the strong representation of Race Diversity within the Immersive and Gaming sectors.

Employee VS employer

However, it is worth noting that although 70% of Immersive and Gaming employers perceive Age to be adequately represented in their companies, there appears to be a discrepancy with employees’ perspectives. Only 36% of employees actually feel that age is well represented in their workplace.

Which group is lacking representation in Immersive jobs?

Ranking at the bottom of the list, Disability exhibits a representation rate of 21% among employers and 30% among employees. These findings clearly indicate the pressing need for progress in achieving equal representation and fostering inclusion for individuals with disabilities.

Unfortunately, the lower placement of Disability may be due to significant challenges faced by disabled individuals in the workplace. Physical limitations during interviews, structural obstacles within office spaces, and attitudinal biases from colleagues are the most common challenges in the workplace.

It is crucial to recognise that disabilities are not always visible, making it even more important to cultivate a comprehensive understanding and provide support for individuals with diverse abilities.

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Would you like to explore further insights on DE&I? Keep your eyes peeled on the blog for part two, where we delve into strategies for Immersive companies to enhance their diversity and inclusion initiatives, particularly in the hiring process for Immersive jobs.

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