Apple Vision Pro headset with purple background

Should you buy the Apple Vision Pro headset?

By now you would have seen the Apple Vision Pro plastered everywhere – but is it really worth the price? And what makes it different to others on the market?

We all know that anything with an Apple logo tends to turn heads, and we have been waiting for the Vision Pro to be released for quite a while now – eight months to be exact.

After it’s release on 2nd Feb in the US, we have heard mixed reviews on the headset, but we won’t deny that it has a lot to offer consumers as it seamlessly blends digital content with your physical space.

As they say, “you’ve never seen everything like this before.”

What are the best things about the Apple Vision Pro?

We have seen a lot of VR/AR and mixed reality headsets in our time, but nothing quite impresses us like the Apple’s first spatial computer. Here’s why…

App arrangement

Think of it like your iPhone on turbo. Customize your apps, create the workspace of your dreams, slide into web browsing or texting seamlessly. It’s like having your digital universe at your fingertips.

Entertainment, but make it personal

Turn any room into your personal movie theatre, game zone, or binge-watching sanctuary. And did we mention spatial audio that pulls you right into the action? More pixels than a 4K TV mean you get an epic viewing experience anywhere – your sofa or on the move.

Relive the good stuff

Possibly one of the most special features of the Apple Vision Pro is the immersive spatial audio and video. You are able to relive your memories over and over again – whether it’s your child’s first steps, or an unforgettable holiday – you won’t want to miss this, and now you don’t have to.

Your album of photos and videos look impressive at a remarkable scale. Panoramas wrap around you — making you feel like you’re standing right where you took them.

Collaboration is meaningful

Want to use the Apple Vision Pro for collaboration at work or catching up with friends and family? Apple Vision Pro makes it easy to collaborate and connect wherever you are. FaceTime video tiles are life-sized, and when new people join, the call simply expands in your room. Plus, in FaceTime, you can also use apps to collaborate with colleagues on the same documents at the same time. Easy teamwork!

The design

Apple Vision Pro integrates incredibly advanced technology into a luxurious, compact form, resulting in a mind-blowing experience every time you put it on.

However, the feature that really stand out to us is EyeSight – An outward display reveals your eyes while wearing Apple Vision Pro, letting others know when you are using apps or fully immersed.

This eye-revealing tech is rare in the VR/AR world. Other headsets can leave you feeling cut off from the real world, but not this one.

Make your choice

What are your thoughts on the Apple Vision Pro? Will you be making the investment or watching it’s magic from afar?

If you’re interested in hearing more updates about the VR/AR and immersive space, check out our blog today.