Immersive tech from CES 2024

Top gaming and immersive tech unveiled at CES 2024!

Dive into the latest from CES 2024 with our immersive and gaming tech roundup! Las Vegas hosted the anticipated annual tech event, showcasing the hottest releases set to ramp up your immersive gaming experience in 2024.

If you’re not in the loop, CES is the stage where tech giants like Acer, Microsoft, Nintendo, and others flex their latest innovations, showcasing jaw-dropping advancements in AI tech. We’ve sifted through the mountain of releases and picked our top five favourites from the past few days.

Let’s get into the good stuff…

MSI Claw

Meet the MSI Claw A1M, a game-changer in handheld PC gaming. Fuelled by Intel® Core™ Ultra processors and packing Intel® XeSS tech, it guarantees a slick and immersive gameplay, even on those heavyweight AAA titles. Despite the fierce name, the Claw is all about comfort, boasting up to two hours of battery life and a cooling system with air vents 50% larger than its rivals – seriously impressive.

Sony XR Headset

Move over, Apple Vision Pro! Sony’s XR headset is here with 4K OLED micro displays, the Qualcomm XR2+ Gen 2 chipset, wearable controllers, and a sleek design that’s a nod to Sony’s PSVR2. It’s not just eye candy – this headset targets professionals, engineers, and product designers, doubling as a content creation tool for crafting 3D prototypes in virtual realms.

Coming your way later in 2024.

Razer’s ‘Project Esther’ Gaming Cushion

Get comfortable with Razer’s ‘Project Esther’ – the world’s first HD haptics gaming cushion. Unlike typical haptic gadgets, Esther adapts to on-screen action, delivering tactile sensations that vary in intensity, speed, and duration. With 16 strategically positioned haptic actuators, this cushion transforms your gaming or office chair into a sensory wonderland.

Samsung 2D/3D Gaming Monitor

Ready for a monitor that brings 3D/VR content without the hassle or discomfort of accessories? Samsung’s new gaming monitor does just that! Equipped with eye and head tracking, the 3D mode analyses your position and gaze in real-time, optimizing 3D effects for an immersive gaming experience. Beyond 3D gaming, it plays nice with existing VR games, experiences, and content.

Looking forward, we can’t wait to get our hands on these releases and see which ones dominate the immersive and gaming scene. But tell us, which tech stole the show for you at CES 2024?

We’re counting down the days to their release, ready to explore the endless possibilities they bring to the immersive and gaming universe. Stay tuned for more exciting updates like this on our blog!