Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey 2024 coming soon

The Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey 2024: coming soon!

Gear up for the release of our highly awaited Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey 2024, tailored specifically for professionals working in the immersive and gaming realm.

In just a few weeks, we’ll unveil the latest insights and salary trends that will reshape the landscape of your industry. But wait, there’s more—we’re giving you an exclusive sneak peek into the report to give you an idea of what lies ahead!

Make sure you’re keeping your eyes peeled for the release here!

*Please note that these insights were gathered during the salary survey data collection period and may be subject to change. They aim to provide an early look into potential results.

Contract and freelance work is booming

The contract/freelance economy is on the ascent! A whopping 21% of immersive and gaming experts are now embracing the flexibility and autonomy of contract or freelance roles.

This shift is fuelled by the need for greater independence, and it could be a response to the challenges stemming from 2023’s mass layoffs and the escalating cost of living crisis.

Dive into a specialised industry where contract and freelance individuals can leverage their expertise and skills for immediate impact.

Revealing the non-negotiables

Uncover the industry’s must-haves! We’ve delved deep into the preferences of both candidates and clients, unveiling that a competitive salary (76%) and remote working opportunities (65%) are most important to professionals.

While financial stability remains crucial, the demand for flexibility has become almost as important, especially when faced with deciding between two enticing roles.

Employees are staying put

We asked our immersive & gaming respondents to share when they plan on looking for their next role…

We were interested to see that exactly half of our respondents have ‘no plans’ to part ways with their current employers anytime soon. It looks like professionals working in this sector are happy where they are!

Don’t miss out!

While we can’t spill all the details just yet, the report will soon be available for download here.

Our established salary survey is a trusted resource for candidates, professionals, hiring managers, and AAA and indie studios, offering the latest in salary benchmarks and insights for effective job seeking and competitive hiring.

To be one of the first to get your hands on a copy of the Immersive & Gaming Salary Survey report, then please visit our 2024 Salary Survey page where you will be able to download the new report very soon.

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