child reaching out to touch giraffe at holographic zoo

The World’s First Holographic Zoo

Australia’s Axiom Holographics has created the world’s first holographic zoo, featuring 50 life-sized 3D images of various animals.

Located in Brisbane, this museum offers an unparalleled immersive experience, taking visitors on a captivating journey from the African safaris to the frozen landscapes of the Arctic and even back in time to encounter dinosaurs.

What to expect

The exhibit showcases the latest holographic screen technology, providing an incredibly lifelike virtual reality experience. The holographic zoo spans an impressive 16,000 square feet, featuring two 65-foot tunnels adorned with screens on three sides and 16-foot rooms enveloped by screens on all four walls.

Inside the zoo, visitors can enjoy 11 different four-player holographic arcade games within a 5-meter room. The restaurant area offers 2PAC-style projections, allowing patrons to remove their glasses without sacrificing their immersive experience.

This augmented reality zoo is centred around a larger version of Euclideon’s multi-viewpoint 3D display tables and the Unlimited Detail graphics engine. Every visitor is provided with position-tracked glasses, ensuring that the graphics engine generates a unique image for each eye viewing the screens.

Axiom has taken the exhibits to the next level by incorporating captivating 4D effects, such as wind, temperature, and scents, to enhance the overall realism. Unlike VR headsets that can isolate individuals, Axiom’s ingenious design enables multiple people to share the immersive experience simultaneously.

It’s incredible to witness how immersive technology has advanced to the point where we can share extraordinary experiences that we may not have the opportunity to encounter in real life.

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