5 VR apps for remote work

With the government imposing social distancing measures in an effort to flatten the coronavirus curve, the need for tools to help enable people to work from home is becoming more and more essential. Fortunately, we live in such times where remote technology exists and can provide the general day to day tasks that would normally have been performed in person. What better way to do it than through VR!

Here are 5 VR apps that can enable you conduct team collaborations, presentations and help increase work productivity whilst working from home:


“Combine the convenience of online meetings with the interactivity of face-to-face meetings: meet in virtual workspaces where you can collaborate, create and feel truly together with your colleagues!

MeetinVR enables your company to have powerful meetings in interactive VR spaces. It enables activities which are impossible or very hard to do remotely such as to present and review products and 3D models, brainstorm, sketch, mind-map, prototype and have team-building activities. All of these while interacting in a natural and easy to learn way.”


“Launched in 2016, Bigscreen is a social VR platform with over 1 million users. On average, users spend an hour every week in Bigscreen. Power users spend 20–30 hours every week in Bigscreen, making Bigscreen one of the most widely used “killer apps” of VR.”

vSpatial – Now-Free

“The Workplace of the Future is Here. Productivity, Collaboration, Teaming and Presenting – all wrapped up in the vSpatial Workspace. We build the software for the virtual remote workplace of the future.  That virtual workplace replaces the drab brick and mortar offices and cubicles so despised by today’s office workers.”


meetingRoom uses both Wi-Fi and 5G to make sure that calls are not dropped. This makes sure that every call goes as smooth as possible. The application also has security measures set in place so that all your data can stay secure.


“Softspace is a spatial thinking tool for creative individuals and teams. Build beautiful virtual project spaces where you can organize, develop, and communicate your best ideas.”