Gaming Career Goals 2022

Gaming Career Goals: do you know what employees are aiming for?

What are the key gaming career goals in 2022? As a manager, have you ever asked your team. It’s especially important to know when you are hiring gaming and immersive technology talent. People within gaming jobs have to feel that it is more than something that pays the bills.

To improve both talent attraction and retention, you need to enrich the careers and lives of the people in your team. While each individual will have their own goals within their careers, people always think about the longer game.

Let candidates and employees see the bigger picture. You might lose out on the best talent if you don’t. Using our 2022 gaming salary survey & insights report, we will reveal what our respondents listed as their goals for the year.

As we said, every person will have their own goals. However, it is intriguing to see how the industry as a collective is feeling about the years ahead. Furthermore, they are a great tool for leading conversations around workplace happiness in the gaming industry.

The top gaming career goals

Let’s find out what our respondents picked as their main goals for the year ahead…

Career progression/Promotion

61% of respondents said promotion or progression was their top career goal. Following lockdown, people returned with a new sense of drive and purpose. After all, it did stall career development for millions of people. So, ensure your employees know which direction they are heading. Furthermore, your recruitment branding should include detailed collateral about growth for potential candidates.

Learn new skills

50% of respondents would like to learn new skills in the next 12 months. This ties in closely with the top goal, career progression. Once again, ensure employees feel like they can develop and learn new things. Even employees who have been in your team for a long time will want something new to learn. If training is difficult internally, there are so many skills courses you can encourage your team to try. Consistent learning is attractive to prospective employees too!

Create a better work-life balance

This goal has slightly increased from 2021. While it is a 2% increase, it demonstrates that this is still an important subject. Work-life balance in gaming can be tricky, as it is such a collaborative and fast-paced industry. While hybrid working is on the rise, there is still more we can do. It is easy for people working remotely to blur the lines between work and home without realising it. You must show that your company cares for employees well being and that you never encourage overtime.

More career insights to be discovered!

We hope the insights on gaming career goals have helped. There is more to be discovered in the full 2022 report. From salary benchmarks to work-life balance changes, download a free copy today.