google immersive view

Google Maps launches new Immersive View

Google Maps launches new ‘Immersive View’ – although Google Maps was first created to help with navigation, it has been drastically evolving since, thanks to significant investments in AI over the years. Google have produced an all new Immersive View to power a new technological experience – and it will work on just about any phone or device.

How does it work?

Immersive View uses Google’s satellite and street view images to create a computer-generated 3D model – presenting rich imagery in real time thanks to ‘Live View’, which works closely alongside Immersive View. Live View is particularly helpful when navigating tricky indoor locations such as shopping centres, airports, and train stations. It allows you to see inside venues before heading out of the door – perfect for the pre-planners of the world!

Time slider

This futuristic experience also features a time slider which allows you to digitally visit your destination at different times of the day and in different weather conditions. This helps people to avoid busy times of the day, heavy traffic and to plan their day with ease.


The recent technology has been designed with eco-friendly routing – something that we have expected to see from Google for a while now. This allows you to find the most fuel-efficient route to travel, saving fuel costs. Eco-friendly routing has started rolling out in big cities such as Los Angeles, London, New York, San Francisco, and Tokyo so far, with a plan to be released globally in the near future.

Google have said that:

AI will continue to play a critical role in making Google Maps the most comprehensive and helpful map possible for people everywhere.” It seems that we can expect big things and even further developments in navigation thanks to Google.

Check out Google’s Immersive View blog post and Keynote video for more information.