Immersive & Gaming Industry Disparity

Immersive & Gaming: Does gender disparity exist in areas of your business?

Within immersive & gaming companies, does gender disparity exist in specific areas? In our last blog, we examined gender equality in the context of salaries. Here, we discovered a noticeable salary gap at all seniority levels, widening significantly at the highest levels. While over half feel they are paid fairly, 36% are unsure, indicating potential issues with transparency and trust.

This year, we wanted to see if there were any feelings of inequality in other areas of the business. We asked respondents to highlight any areas of disparity in their own business, to paint a picture of how the industry is feeling regarding DEI.

What areas of the industry, if any, do respondents experience gender disparity?

We posed a number of options to our respondents, to paint a picture of how they feel in comparison to other genders. 65% shared that they felt there was no gender disparity in the business whatsoever. However, it’s important to consider that the majority of respondents were men, which could influence these perceptions. Men’s experiences and perspectives may differ from those of their female counterparts, who might face subtle or overt disparities that go unacknowledged. What else did respondents share?

  • Salary: 20% of respondents shared that they felt there was a disparity in this area. It seems pay inequity remains a significant challenge – addressing this requires ongoing efforts to ensure transparency, equitable pay practices, and an inclusive work environment for all employees.
  • Career progression/Leadership opportunities: 18% of respondents felt that they did not have the same opportunities for progressing in their career than others. This leads to a lack of leadership roles, which scored the same. Since the majority of respondents were men, the actual extent of this issue might be underreported. Women may face more obstacles in advancing their careers compared to their male counterparts. Tackling this requires sustained efforts to promote fair advancement opportunities and to support career growth for all employees, regardless of gender.
  • Workplace recognition: 15% believed that there is a lack of recognition for their efforts in comparison to other genders. While it is a lower score, we must once again acknowledge that the number of male respondents could understate this issue. Addressing this disparity is crucial for fostering an inclusive and equitable workplace where all achievements are fairly recognised.

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