Immersive Tech and Gaming Gender Roles

Understanding Gender Roles in Immersive Tech and Gaming in 2024

Which genders are dominating the Immersive and Gaming space in the UK? It’s not immediately obvious, but recent insights from the 2024 Immersive & Gaming Salary Report give us a peek into the Immersive Tech and Gaming gender makeup and its significance for businesses.

What is the Immersive & Gaming gender split?

Taking a closer look at the data, it’s clear that the Immersive and Gaming workforce isn’t as diverse as we’d hoped. According to our survey, men make up a whopping 76% of the industry, while women account for only 22%. There’s also a small but important presence of transgender individuals, at 1%, with another 1% for Non-Binary individuals.

Why it matters for Immersive Tech & Gaming businesses

Understanding who’s in the driver’s seat in Immersive and Gaming isn’t just about numbers—it’s about understanding trends and implications for businesses.

Market Expansion

Women represent a significant portion of the consumer market. By ensuring gender diversity within the industry, companies can better understand and cater to this demographic, leading to products that resonate with a larger audience.

Diversity breeds innovation

A diverse workforce introduces fresh perspectives and ideas. Embracing gender diversity fosters a culture of innovation, helping companies remain agile and responsive to shifting market dynamics—an area where Immersive Tech and Gaming often fall short.

While more studios are addressing the gender gap in Immersive Tech and Gaming, our 2024 report reveals that further efforts are still needed. It is crucial to encourage more women to enter the field and to make the industry a more welcoming and viable career option for them.

Immersive Tech is a relatively new industry that attracts a variety of people, but gaming has historically been male dominated, highlighting the need for greater female representation.

Promoting inclusivity

The lack of gender diversity in Immersive and Gaming sends a clear message about inclusivity and representation. Without championing diversity, companies will struggle to attract top talent and connect with gamers and tech users who prioritise companies that embrace inclusivity and equality.

This is particularly important at the top levels of leadership. When women see other women in leadership positions, it inspires them to pursue similar paths, fostering a more inclusive and diverse industry.

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