Immersive Recruitment Team Goals in 2022

Immersive Recruitment News – What are teams striving for in 2022?

As a leading immersive recruitment agency in the UK, the TechNET Immersive team ensure we know what our clients are striving for. Furthermore, it we like to have a  greater understanding of immersive and gaming teams as a collective.

With these insights, we are able to provide the best candidates for their teams. Identifying professionals who are aligned with company goals is what we do every day. So, what are immersive and gaming teams striving for in 2022?

We can all agree that the pandemic has caused a massive shift in the working world. Do you think this should stop your team from aiming big? We certainly don’t! Using our 2021 gaming salary & insights guide, we reveal what goals are important to immersive teams this year.

Immersive team goals in 2022

Understanding team objectives is crucial to immersive recruitment success. Let us talk through the top four 2022 goals of our respondents and their teams.

Work-life balance: Working remotely has caused a change in the work-life scales. We often hear people ended up working extra, because they had no commute in the morning. Furthermore, not having a physical presence within the team can take its toll. How do you keep on top of priorities? 55% of our respondents recognise that this needs improvement in 2022. Teams should strive to improve collaboration, while managers ensure employees are able to manage their workloads.

Tackling Covid-19 uncertainty: It was hard not to be concerned when the pandemic became global news. Suddenly, we saw management teams quickly helping teams adapt to changes. Meanwhile, employees found themselves working at home overnight. Have your team discussed how to use these changes to your advantage? Encourage ways in which the team can improve productivity. Keeping the team connected will also continue to be a big goal. In fact, 51% of respondents specified this as a challenge their team will be tackling.

A focus on customer retention: The beauty of the the immersive and gaming industry is the connectivity capabilities. However, does this mean customers and clients will remain engaged? 30% of respondents shared that focusing on existing customers will be just as important than customer acquisition.

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