Russian Cow Uses VR to Help Reduce Anxiety

VR isn’t just limited to helping humans, but it can also be of significant help to cows.

Moscow’s Ministry of Agriculture and Food claims that there are benefits to using this method – with studies showing a link between a cow’s emotional experience and the quality of its milk.

The VR head set is specifically designed for cows’ comfort who are shown a “unique summer field simulation program”.  The theory is that by giving cows a familiar environment with increased serenity, they will have an improved moood.

Tests have demonstrated a boost in the overall emotional wellbeing of the herd who have adopted the VR experience, as well as an increase in milk yield.

The experiment was conducted in RusMoloko farm in Moscow’s Ramensky district, where researchers are examining the effects of the programme in a long-term study, hoping to see continued positive results and better milk production.