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Team challenges in the gaming industry

There have been various team challenges in gaming over the past year – with some having more impact than others. When putting together our 2022 Immersive Salary Survey, we asked our questionnaire respondents to let us know which team challenges in gaming they anticipate for the remainder of the year, from most challenging to least challenging.

We found out that…

46% said that work-life balance would be the biggest challenge

This is partially surprising and equally interesting as since the beginning of the pandemic, developing a healthy work-life balance has been more of a priority for working professionals, and we have definitely seen an improvement with this. However, it seems that in the gaming industry, this is still something to work on. Could gaming companies be doing more to help their employees with their work-life balance?

36% said that workplace happiness and wellbeing will be a challenge

It seems that it is slightly less of a concern in comparison to last year, but still has the number two spot on the list of challenges. Could wellbeing be more of a challenge for hiring managers that recruit remote and home-workers?

32% said that talent acquisition could be a challenge

This percentage has risen significantly since last year, from 19% to 32% this year. Many gaming companies put a pause on hiring last year, and budgeting was high on the agenda due to financial uncertainty. There seems to be a surge in gaming recruiting and hiring this year, but perhaps candidates are studying potential roles more closely before applying.

32% said that international politics would become a challenge

This has also increased from 24% to 32% and sits somewhere in the middle of the list of challenges.

29% said that staff retention could be a problem

Going hand-in-hand with talent acquisition, holding onto staff is equally important to hiring them, and it is crucial for gaming businesses to be tracking why people decide to leave, and what they can do to prevent this.

29% said that customer retention will likely be a challenge

On a positive note, this percentage has dropped by 1%, and is going in the right direction. Customer retention has always been a concern for every type of business, pre and post Covid-19.

25% have said that Covid-19 uncertainty could be a challenge in 2022

This percentage has dropped significantly from 51% to 25% – which is over half! This goes to show that we are learning to live with Covid-19, and it is becoming less and less of a threat to the business and gaming world. This could be due to the reduced number of cases, but also that companies have learnt to work differently.

21% of gaming professionals think that global competition could be an issue

We assume that this is a result of hiring approaches changing. More and more companies are widening their talent pools into different cities, and even different countries thanks to remote working. Gaming studios are beginning to understand that the best talent isn’t always in your locale.

Finally, 18% of respondents are concerned about customer acquisition

Mirroring last year’s results, this was the least challenging out of the list, which means that gaming companies are not worried about working with new customers, which is great news for the gaming hiring industry! (and for us at TechNET Immersive).

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Amongst the large bunch of potential challenges for the rest of 2022, we are pleased to say that the majority of percentages have reduced since last year, with work-life balance being an exception.

What will next years results look like? Stay tuned for more insights on our blog!