Virtual Reality Jobs Market 2022

Virtual Reality jobs: what does the market look like in 2022?

Are virtual reality jobs going to be in demand in 2022? It’s a question being asked by many, as the growth of virtual and augmented reality continues to boom. Not only are gaming fans enjoying a plethora of virtual reality experiences, brands are now incorporating it into their marketing strategies. Naturally, this would mean more job opportunities!

So, we wanted to know what the virtual reality job market will bring in 2022. From the growth of specific roles to the continuing growth of XR itself, we’re looking forward to what the year brings.

Virtual Reality – an unprecedented growth

When you think about virtual reality and its origins, many thought it was a great way to enhance the traditional gaming experience. The thought of going beyond the controller and stepping into a unique virtual world was exciting to many. However, we think it is safe to say that the capabilities of VR have gone beyond the gaming world.

We have seen VR being integrated into entertainment, social media, business and so much more. Furthermore, we expect it to have a huge impact in most industries including healthcare, education and retail. After all, we have already seen the steps these industries have taken to enhance the way they operate – VR plays a big part in that. As a result of such a diverse technology, the field opens up many different career paths one can take based on their interests.

The in-demand XR and Virtual Reality jobs

Now we have discussed why the future of virtual reality jobs is so bright, are there any particular roles that are in demand right now?

  • XR Software Developer: Companies who are venturing into the world of VR & AR will soon see the need for software developers with specific skills in this specialism.
  • XR Design/Graphics Engineer: Creating immersive experiences is key. This will continue to be an integral role improve effects and develop new visuals.
  • Project/Product Manager: You can probably guess that XR projects are no easy task. An organisational approach from a project or product manager can lead teams from concept to launch.
  • XR Gameplay Engineer: A very important role indeed! From debugging to profiling new tools, their solutions can really make a project a success.
  • XR Researcher: As we mentioned, the field is going beyond the realm of gaming. Researchers are able to explore new fields in which VR can be implemented and how it can help.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. At TechNET Immersive, our team is hard at work not only placing these roles but also discovering the new opportunities within this sector.

Are you looking for a virtual reality job?

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