Flexible Magnetic Strips Gives users the Ability to Hold Objects in The Virtual World with Accuracy

In the Virtual Environment, when the user is about to make contact with an object, the glove marks the users motion which gives a highly realistic sensation of touching an object.

Multi-functional stretchable metal strips on each fingers slides with relative ease, allowing the fingers to move with minimal restrictions. However, as soon as voltage is applied between the strips, in a few milliseconds, they are locked together in position relative to the object – this prevents the user from closing its hand.

There are varying degrees of force per finger, enabling the user to distinguish sensation from holding a coffee cup, to holding something soft like a sponge. 

Volunteers have undergone trials testing the application and use of the glove in the virtual world. Each were asked to perform high precision tasks, and reports have come back with very promising results. Each users had a feeling of accurate sensations of touching objects and were able to perform complex motion and movement that isn’t too dissimilar to the real world.

The company aims to eventually have a fully functional suite with full body interactions that can be used in the virtual world, giving people a truly immersive experience and a sense of realism.