How Augmented Reality Can Make You an ARtist

Art has entered a new avenue of expression through Augmented Reality, bringing stationary drawings and paintings to life. This can be done digitally or with the help of apps, such as SKETCHAR, which assists your drawing by superimposing guides, references and imagery for you to trace over in the real world.

Holding your phone over a piece of paper can superimpose virtual images onto the paper itself, enabling you to create your own work of art.This helps those who have always wanted but never been able to draw to do so with confidence. Through visuals and imagery, amateurs and professionals have the means to practice, improve and it also gives a convenient way to trace over other surfaces (e.g walls, canvas etc.) onto which the required images can also be projected.

Another way artists have been utilising AR technology, is where the initial drawing is created digitally and divided into several animated layers, giving users the ability to see it come to life!