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JUST LAUNCHED: The 2022 Immersive Salary Survey

We are excited to announce the release of our annual Immersive Salary Survey for 2022!

This survey provides gaming professionals and hiring companies with insight into the industry and hot topics such as current salary benchmarking, happiness in the workplace and details surrounding the gender debate in the Immersive sector.

Before you begin, we thought we would give you a sneak peak of what is to come! Keep reading for more information…

Average salaries have increased

We have seen an increase in gaming salaries – albeit only 0.80% on average since 2021. However, we are pleased so say that this increase is across the whole industry, which is a fair result for all.

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Covid-19 uncertainty has declined

We can see that 87% of gaming companies made hires throughout the lockdown periods, which we can assume means that financial uncertainty wasn’t an issue for the gaming industry. This may be because there are a lot of home-working opportunities for these types of roles, as only 18% of companies feel that their situations are still uncertain.

Company culture is a priority in gaming companies

It may be hard to keep on top of company culture when employees are spending a lot of time working from home, and attitudes have changed to accommodate this. However, we can see that 68% of individuals said that company culture is a priority to their company, compared to 32% that said it is not.

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