Start-up solves every VR head’s locomotion problem

Founded in 2018 Ekto VR, an all-American computer hardware start-up has recently become the leader in pioneering the world’s first Robotic VR movement solution.

From the beginning of VR one of the biggest challenges to overcome has been locomotion which for some users means, the feeling of moving within a VR game while their bodies remain stationary can cause motion sickness to be triggered. Pre-robotic boot days, VR users would overcome this problem by utilising the teleportation option provided by the game in consideration. This allows the user to comfortably ‘blink’ to spots within the game so that they can avoid moving through the virtual space.

Wearable XR accessories are designed to turn information into a completely enhanced user experience. The aim is to make elements of the user’s lives richer and more enjoyable. One way to do this is by eliminating the motion sickness which can be debilitating to some, whilst being fully immersed in the game. This is done by keeping the user grounded and in the centre of the room with natural movement and zero distractions.

The beauty of the Ekto VR’s wearable robotic boots is that they mimic the same notion of walking to the movement in the headset. Plot twist? You’re standing still. This point address’ the final locomotion issue. Sometimes, using VR at home or in any space can cause you to unknowingly step out of boundaries and move away from the centre.  As mentioned above, these robotic boots sound like the answer to every VR head’s locomotion problem.

Finally, once nicknamed ‘Futuristic roller skates’ by popular AI and Big tech Guru, Bernard Marr. This rugged carbon-fibre construction, lightweight, and easy to learn tech piece is predicted to be an accessory that soon may be a normal part of the VR experience.